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Find a U.S. Business Partner/Sourcing U.S. Products

If you are seeking to source and import products from the United States, the Commercial Service can help connect you with U.S. exporters and manufacturers. Here are several links to begin your search.

Please also reach out to the Commercial Specialist within CSUK who covers your industry for additional assistance:

  • Featured US Exporters
    A directory of U.S. companies actively seeking UK representation and/or distributors for their products and services. more...
  • Industry Focused Promotion (IFP)
    If you are planning on visiting an international trade show to look for high-quality suppliers, the Industry Focused Promotion program can help you. more...
  • Directory of U.S. Exporters & Export Service Providers
    This publication is the official U.S. Department of Commerce directory of U.S. exporters and export service providers, and contains over 15,000 listings. more...
  • Supported U.S. Trade Shows: International Buyer Program
    The U.S. Commercial Service can assist you in your visit to many leading U.S. trade shows with such things as discounted travel, show passes and support at the show. more...

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