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HPA Cobalt 6B (Co-Cr-W) (UNS R30016) AKA Haynes 6B, HS 6B, Stellite 6B

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Product Description: Cobalt 6B is a cobalt based chromium, tungsten alloy with outstanding inherent wear resistance that can support applications in wear and corrosive environments. The 6B has good impact and thermal shock resistance, resists heat and oxidation, retains high hardness even at red heat, and recovers full original hardness once cooled. This superalloy has indispensable applications in steam turbine erosion shields, chain saw guide bars, high temperature bearings, furnace fan blades, valve stems, food processing equipment, needle valves, centrifuge liners, hot extrusion dies, forming dies, nozzles, extruder screws, tile making machines, rock crushing rollers, cement and steel mill equipment, pump plungers, doctor blades, and knives.

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Company: High Performance Alloys, Inc. — Windfall, IN

Objective: Seeking inquiries from potential buyers for direct sales.

Featured U.S. Exporter

High Performance Alloys, Inc.

HPA Cobalt 6B (Co-Cr-W) (UNS R30016) AKA Haynes 6B, HS 6B, Stellite 6BHigh Performance Alloys, Inc. Logo

High Performance Alloys.

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