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Highlights for Children™ 是以「世上最重要的人是孩子」為信念的家庭刊物品牌。Highlights所有產品,包括雜誌、活動練習本、大眾書籍,都致力幫助孩子進步成長、實現自我,成為更富自信、愛心、好奇心、創意的人。近年來Highlights兒童出版品在全球迅速擴展,已在四十多個國家與當地出版夥伴合作,發行、改編其產品。Highlights的出版內容廣受歡迎,除紙本書外,也有行動應用程式、拼圖、電子書、電玩等形式。

Highlights 以「寓教於樂」的方式幫助世上所有孩子為榮!

Hightlights、High Five雜誌,Hidden Pictures系列,在全台各大書店均有銷售。

Highlights for Children™ is a family media brand dedicated to the belief that Children are the World’s Most Important People.™ Every Highlights product – magazines, activity books, trade books – help children become their best selves and be confident, caring, curious and creative individuals.

Highlights has rapidly expanded the global footprint of its children’s publications in recent years. Now in more than 40 countries, Highlights distributes and licenses customized versions of its products with local partners. Its popular content is available beyond the printed page to mobile apps, puzzles, digital books and video games.

Highlights is proud to provide “Fun with a Purpose” to children around the world!

台灣代表: 書林出版, 電話: (02)2368-4938

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