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E L M Hendrick and Associates, LLC
E L M Hendrick and Associates, LLC is a small business specializing in the remediation of environmental contaminates. We can treat anything from contaminated groundwater and soil, to the elimination of hydrogen sulfide and its odors using new green technology that is EPA-TSCA approved for the environment. With our technology we use an oxidation process utilizing the formation of free radicals, we then combine our product to produce hydroxyl radical, which are capable of breaking down even complex chemical bonds.

Contact Information



Ernie Hendrick – President

2665 Yarnell Rd.
Richmond, VA 23231

(804) 795-4995



Environmental, Audit & Assessment, Inc.
Consulting and Engineering services in soil, water and groundwater contamination, contaminated site reclamation, Environmental, Health and Safety Risk Assessments, Natural Resource Development in Oil & Gas, Agricultural Technical Services in soil reclamation and cattle herd genetic improvement, rangeland and grazing enhancement. EAA is a complete Environmental, Health & Safety Services business.

Contact Information



Wes D'Aponti – President

225 N 5th St. Suite #8
Grand Junction, CO 81501

(970) 245-5897


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