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Smart Cities Business Development Mission

to Poland and the Czech Republic

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Poland and the Czech Republic have worked to develop their economies and living standards to be on par with advanced countries in the EU. To this end, the countries continue to invest significant resources in the development of infrastructure, including, intelligent transportation systems, smart governance, smart grids, energy efficiency and green buildings.  The European Union is providing structural funds to support Poland and the Czech Republic in key initiatives such as: 

  • Smart Mobility – Intelligent transport systems are being installed in several Czech and Polish cities. Implementation plans should appear in approximately 15% of municipalities by 2020 with total investment, in both countries, of over $4 billion. Nearly half of the resources will be invested in radar, cameras, automatic scales and advanced electronics for road transport. The Polish and Czech governments have approved extensive upgrades of transportation infrastructure.
  • Smart Governance – In Poland, a central data repository and single point-of-contact platform will be created to enable easier access to all eServices and government authorities. In addition to existing extensive eGovernment initiatives, the Czechs are also promoting deeper information sharing between the public and private sectors.
  • Smart Buildings – In Prague and other Czech cities, the government and private sector are converting current buildings into smart buildings including renewable energy sources, advanced access controls, and sophisticated security management among other innovations. Poland’s Energy Performance of Building Directive provides opportunities to substantially strengthen the energy efficiency of Poland’s building stock with passive energy houses and zero energy buildings.

Smart Living – In both countries, smart living is a dynamically expanding area with promising opportunities for U.S. firms. Around 90% of families, and their planners, are incorporating smart living technologies into housing designs and their lifestyles. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be everywhere with growing access to free Internet in major cities.


September 10 – 15, 2017

Warsaw and Cracow, Poland

Prague, Czech Republic


Large company: $3700

Small and medium company: $2500

*Price does not include travel and accommodation costs

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