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Product Description: CocoaTown offers complete line of (Cocoa) Bean to (chocolate) Bar machines Roasters, Crackers, Winnowers, Melangers /Grinders. They are available in four different sizes and budgets. They can also be used for making nut butters, nut milks, tahini and other gourmet foods. Our winnowers can also be used for other agricultural uses – eg. separating husk from rice. CocoaTown has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing patented machines since 2006. CocoaTown has empowered chocopreneurs in >100 countries by providing education, equipment and tools. We help cocoa farmers to move up economic ladder by processing beans instead of selling at commodity prices.

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Company: Inno Concepts Inc dba CocoaTown — Alpharetta , GA

Objective: Seeking a distributor.

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