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Why become a Partner?

The US Commercial Service Partner Program consists of chambers and associations that would like to have their members become aware of business opportunities coming from Mexico.   

In this joint effort, partners will:

  • Be featured on our website with links to their respective organizations,
  • Be mentioned on newsletters and promotional materials we send out related to this initiative,

In addition, your members or clients will receive a 20% discount on Premium Membership when they subscribe.

How to become a Partner?

We only ask that your organization proactively promote our initiative via email, your website or offline to all your members.    

We’re open to any other ideas so feel free to contact us, and we’re happy to discuss with you how we can work together.  Contact Jeff hamilton at to join our Business Partner Program or to discuss any questions/suggestions you may have.   

*Note:  The U.S. Commercial Service logo cannot be used without express written approval.

Mexican Associations and Chambers

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