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Ellen Lenny-Pessagno, Senior Commercial Officer

Megan Schildgen, Commercial Officer

El siguiente listado enumera los sectores industriales más importantes y al Asesor Comercial encargado:

Isabel Margarita Valenzuela, Senior Commercial Specialist
- Tel: 2330-3421; Fax: 2330-3172

APG Airport/Ground Support Equipment
AIR Aircraft/Parts
AVS Aviation Services
DFN Defense Industry Equipment
WRE Water Resources and Equipment
TEL Telecommunications Equipment
TES Telecommunications Services
TRA Travel and Tourism Services

Coordinator: Visit USA Committee
Teams: Electronic/Social Media Marketing
Process Improvement of Service Delivery

Mary Lou Lathrop, Commercial Specialist
- Tel: 2330-3371; Fax: 2330-3172

ACE Architectural/Construction/Engineering Services
BLD Building Products
CON Construction Equipment
ACR Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Equipment
AGC Agricultural Chemicals
AGM Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
FPP Food Processing and Packaging Equipment
HTL Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
PKG Packaging Equipment
MHM Materials Handling Equipment
MFI Marine Fisheries Products
FOR Forestry Equipment
PAP Paper & Paperboard
PUL Pulp/Paper Machinery
PME Plastic Production Machinery & Supplies
PMR Plastic Materials/Resins
Energy Efficiency related to Construction

Coordinator: Regional Outreach South.

Veronica Pinto, Commercial Specialist
- Tel: 2330-3369; Fax: 2330-3172

BTC Biotechnology
CPT Computers/Peripherals
CSV Computer Services
CSF Computer Software
ECC Electronic Commerce
DRG Drugs/Pharmaceuticals
DNT Dental Equipment
HCS Health Care Services
MED Medical Equipment
FRA Franchising
SEC Security/Safety Equipment
INV Investment Services
EMP Employment Services
INF Information Services
ACT Accounting Services
MCS Management Consulting Services
Energy Efficiency

Coordinator: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Select USA Initiative

Marcelo Orellana, Commercial Specialist
- Tel: 2330-3455; Fax: 2330-3172

CHM Chemical Production Machinery
IRN Iron & Steel
ICH Industrial Chemicals
ELP Electric Power Supplies
MIN Mining Equipment and Services
MTl Machine Tools, Metalworking Equipment
NFM Non-Ferrous Metals/Equipment
OGM Oil/Gas Equipment & Supplies
PVC Pump, Valves, Compressors
REA Renewable Energy Equipment & Supplies
TLS Tools-Hand Power
Water related to Mining

Valerie Henderson, Commercial Specialist
- Tel: 2330-3316; Fax: 2330-3172

FLM Films/Videos/Recordings
ADV Advertising Services
APP Apparel
LFP Leather/Fur Products
TXP Textile Made-Up Products
EDS Education and Training Services
TXF Textile Fabrics
TXM Textile Machinery/Equipment
POL Environmental Technologies
POL Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services

Coordinator: Trade Missions/Events/Mission Calendar
E Country Clearance
Front Office Liaison
Marketing and Exhibition Material

Teams: Education
Environmental Technology

Juan Catril, Commercial Specialist
– Tel: 2330-3402; Fax: 2330-3172

PRT Port and Shipbuilding Equipment
FNS Financial Services
INS Insurance Services
LES Leasing Services

Coordinator: Trade and Project Finance
Exim Bank

Macarena Marin, Commercial Assistant
- Tel: 2330-3311; Fax: 2330-3172

JLR Jewelry
PGA Printing/Graphic Arts Equipment
LGE Lawn and Garden Equipment
CEL Consumer Electronics
GCG General Consumer Goods (including Home Furniture)
GFT Giftware
HCG Household Consumer Goods
FUR Furniture
PHT Photographic Equipment
EIP Electronics Industry Products/Test Equipment
ELC Electronic Components
PCI Process Control Instrumentation
COS Cosmetics/Toiletries
AUV Audio Visual Equipment

Coordinator: Trade Events and Special Projects – Mining and Energy
Regional Outreach North

Teams: Electronic/Social Media Marketing
Process Improvement of Service Delivery

Claudia Melkonian, Commercial Assistant
- Tel: 2330-3312; Fax: 2330-3172

ARW Artwork
BOK Books and Periodicals
MUS Musical Instruments
PLB Pleasure Boats and Accessories
SPT Sporting Goods and Recreational Equipment
TOY Toys and Games
School, Home and Office Supplies
LAB Laboratory Equipment
PET Pet Accessories
VET Veterinary Medicine Equipment/Supplies
APS Automotive Parts/Services Equipment
AUT Automobiles/Light Trucks/Vans
RRE Railroad Equipment
TRK Trucks/Trailers/Buses
ZRG Regulations: Standards, Customs, Taxes
CFE Commercial Fishing Equipment
CVR Commercial Vessels

Coordinator: Standards
Trade Americas
Office Cardholder
Interns Program
Santiago Office Box
Teams: Trade Missions/Trade Events

Si el sector de su interés no está incluido en este listado, le rogamos contactarse con y nos haga saber de su interés.

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