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Business Opportunities for UK Companies

The U.S. Commercial Service, with a network of more than 100 U.S. Export Assistance Centers throughout the United States, is in daily contact with small and medium sized companies in all industry sectors seeking agents, distributors, and new business partners in the United Kingdom and Europe. Our role is to help these companies achieve their trade development goals through introductions to qualified and interested potential business partners that want to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Below is a list of U.S. companies we are currently working with, who are looking for UK business partners. If you are interested in exploring any of these opportunities further, please contact the Specialist listed who will be able to assist you.




Tel: 020 7894 0470

Interested in becoming the UK representative of U.S. manufacturers in the aerospace industry?
Are you well connected in the UK and European aerospace industry?  Do you know how to generate business for U.S. companies who manufacture components for the aerospace industry?  We are looking for experienced professionals to represent U.S. component manufacturers who seek to increase their sales volume within the UK and European aerospace industry.  If you have the experience in generating sales for component manufacturers and are interested in representing a U.S. company, please contact

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Healthcare Products

Tel: 020 7894 0471

Mighty Tykes

Mighty Tykes is a manufacturer of wrist and ankle weights that help to promote physical strength and stability in infants or children with conditions such as one-sided weakness, sensory issues, low muscle tone, or cerebral palsy.  They are also suitable as part of a therapy or fitness program for seniors, people with Parkinson’s, or adults that are unable tolerate heavy weight. An ideal partner will be a company that sells rehabilitation equipment, special needs products, or geriatric equipment and supplies. 

Mighty Tykes company website

NewMedical Technology, Inc.

New Medical Technology is searching for pharmaceutical or aesthetic product distributors for its NewGel+ brand of advanced silicone gel scar management products.  Potential partners will need to be able to demonstrate a proven track record in the placement of clinically-proven medical aesthetic and skin products with over-the-counter chain and independent pharmacies and/or medical specialists (plastic & cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, obstetric and gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons and burn centers).  New Medical Technology:

New Gel+ company website.

Xlear, Inc.

Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that’s derived from the fibrous parts of plants such as birch/beech wood, corn, and berries. Various clinical studies have found that the substance has the ability to inhibit the production of bacteria which can lead to dental cavities and ear infections.  Xlear, a manufacturer of a wide range of xylitol-based products, is searching for a local company to distribute its adult and children’s saline sinus care and oral care  lines.  An ideal partner will have experience of importing pharmaceutical products, established relationships with pharmacies and retailers that sell over-the-counter products, as well as marketing expertise.

Xlear company website. 

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