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Located within the World Trade Center complex in the heart of Jakarta's business and banking district, the U.S. Commercial Center provides a convenient, affordable, and secure location for U.S. firms which wish to do business with Indonesia. Meeting facilities including digital video conference equipment are available to help U.S. exporters set up their operations in this promising market. Therefore, Indonesian importers that wish to contact or be recognized by U.S. exporters can use our services to meet with the U.S. companies.

With critical trade information, personalized counseling, superior facilities, and the access it takes to do business in Indonesia, the U.S. Commercial Center is the first stop for American exporters serious about selling to this pivotal market. As Indonesian companies, you may provide us with your company profile or meet our commercial specialists that in charge in various sectors to see if there is a U.S. company that might need you as their agent or distributor.

Our Mission:

  • To promote the export of goods and services from the United States to Indonesia.
  • To help U.S. exporters and Indonesian importers find qualified international partners.
  • Overcome potential challenges or trade barriers

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